Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys advise local and regional real estate developers, property sellers and purchasers, lenders, landlords and tenants in real estate transactions.

These activities include structuring, negotiating and documenting residential and commercial real estate matters, including purchases, sales, leases, financing and refinancing of properties. We also provide thorough examination and resolution of title issues. This firm is a licensed title insurance agent acting on behalf of Stewart Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title Insurance Company.


Residential Real Estate

Our firm handles all aspects of residential real estate closings, whether you are purchasing or selling.  We have a team of attorneys and dedicated paralegals to assist making sure the process is smooth, quick, and efficient while making sure our clients are protected during the contract period or after closing.  We assist clients throughout the homebuying or selling process from before the contract is drawn up, through closing, and after if any post-closing matters need to be considered.  If you are looking to buy or sell your home or rental property, please give us a call.

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Commercial Real Estate

We handle commercial real estate transactions for any size and industry, whether it is a first-time buyer or a large company looking to expand or sell. We advise clients on all aspects of commercial real estate transactions and take care to alert clients about aspects unique to commercial real estate such as unique financing structures or potential environmental studies. Our firm also does corporate and business transactions which often go hand-in-hand with commercial real estate, whether you need an LLC formed or are purchasing a business with real estate as part of the deal, we can serve as counsel for that full transaction. As each commercial real estate transaction is unique, we like to be involved as early as possible to help advise our clients, so if you are thinking of buying or selling commercial real estate, call us today to begin that process.

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Title Insurance

Title insurance is important to ensure clients are purchasing the property they intend to free and clear of any liens. As part of our services, we can act as an agent for the title company and write title insurance.

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The charge for title insurance work is the title insurance premium, including any endorsements. As compensation for our title insurance work, we receive a portion of the title insurance premium. Title insurance premium rates may be found at the following website: In connection with our title insurance work, typically there are no ancillary charges made by this firm.