Our History

Our firm can trace its roots back a century ago to the 1920s.

The office was first opened in the brand-new Liberty Building in downtown Buffalo. The story goes that our original office opened before the elevators were even installed in the building.

Our firm began taking its present form in the 1950s, when James Nesper joined the practice. Jim worked for the firm for over 50 years while also serving as town attorney for Amherst in the 1970s. He helped guide the firm into what it is today.

Back in the downtown days, current partners Paul Nesper and Bill Johnson joined Jim and recently retired partners, Rich DiGiacomo and Gabe Ferber, and continue to lead the firm today.

The firm’s next major move was in 1995, when the office moved out of the Liberty Building and into the suburbs. The office has been in Amherst ever since.

Nesper, Ferber, GiGiacomo, Johnson & Grimm, LLP attorneys

Over the decades, we have represented a wide range of clients both in Western New York and beyond. We have represented generations of clients, businesses that are staples within the community, banks and other lenders through their growth and mergers, and municipalities all over the region.

Our firm’s long history is a testament to the quality of work we do for our clients. We are proud to continue this legacy as we bring the firm into its next century.

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