Elder and Health Care Law

Elder law is a rapidly changing field that addresses the unique needs of an aging demographic.

Elder law attorneys seek to minimize ambiguities and conflict, and to maximize peace of mind as an individual ages. Appointing a trustworthy family member or friend as agent to act on your behalf, when you can no longer do so yourself, is an essential part of this planning process. The attorneys at NFD review with you in detail the benefits and intricacies of utilizing such tools as Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies and Living Wills, Life Estate Deeds, Revocable/Irrevocable Living Trusts, and Guardianship proceedings.


Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program intended to pay for specific medical needs and circumstances. Individuals are eligible based upon their personal financial situation and other criteria. Our attorneys focus on all aspects of health law and counsel our clients on issues of Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care. We also advise clients about the benefits of lifetime gifting, long-term care insurance, and asset protection.

Life Estate Deeds

Life Estate Deeds are a particularly useful tool commonly used by elder law attorneys to safeguard one’s primary residence against Medicaid liens. Understanding the benefits and risks of such an important planning tool is essential to safeguarding your legacy for the generations that follow you. Give us a call at 716-688-3800 to discuss if a Life Estate Deed is right for you.


A guardianship involves a legal proceeding before the Surrogate Court to appoint one individual to manage the person and finances of another, when that person is unable to do so themselves. In the State of New York, Guardianship proceedings are broken down into three types: Article 17, Article 17A, and Article 81 proceedings. Each has complications that require appropriate legal counsel. Depending on your family’s situation, the attorneys at NFD may be able to assist. Please give us a call at 716-688-3800 to discuss your families’ unique needs further.