Corporate and Business Law

We represent a wide range of businesses from single-member entities to nonprofits to large multi-national corporations.

We also guide our clients through corporate legal compliance issues, not-for-profit incorporation and tax-exempt status, general corporate capitalization and financing, mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations, buy-sell agreements, and business succession planning.


Business Formation

We advise clients in selecting the structure of a new business and in forming the new company, whether it is an LLC, a corporation, a professional organization, or a nonprofit. Our firm takes care to craft by-laws and operating agreements to suit the specific needs of our clients now, and as their companies grow over time. We work closely with our client's accountants and other professionals to ensure that the new business suits all of our client's needs.

Business Succession, Mergers, and Partnership Agreements

We work with our clients throughout the life of a company as it grows and changes over the years. We assist clients transferring from a single owner to a partnership or from one generation of ownership to the next. Our firm has business clients that we have helped transition through multiple generations of ownership over the decades. We tailor our clients’ company documents to their ever-changing needs and help plan for their future success.

Stock Sales and Asset Sales

Whether clients are looking to purchase a business or sell their company, we can help. We work with clients and their other advisors to choose the right type of transaction for each situation. We draft and review the sale agreements, prepare the appropriate transfer paperwork, and handle all aspects of the transaction through closing. Our focus is to make sure these transactions go smoothly and make sure our clients are protected throughout the process.

Call us to review your business or help you form a new one.